RMGH - 2018 - Conference 

The RMGH2018 features a bioinformatics/computational biology conference with plenary, poster and exhibitor sessions. The plenary talks are given by some of the top leaders in metagenomics, personalized medicine, consenting and data sharing, and biotech industries This years keynote will be  presented by Ben Langmead Johns Hopkins University and scientific presentations from domain experts in the genomics area.  The talks are intended to give insight on current active computational and analysis challenges and how researchers in academic and industry are solving these challenges.

Plenary Conference featuring:

Ben Langmead - Johns Hopkins (Keynote)

Tom Cech - BioFrontiers Institute Director -University of Colorado 

John Rinn - BioFrontiers Institute - University of Colorado at Boulder

James Taylor - Johns Hopkins/Galaxy

Aedin Culhane - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Sara Pendergrass - Geisinger Health

Larry Hunter - University of Colorado - Anschutz Medical Campus

Steve Tsang - NIH, NCI

Robin Dowell - BioFrontiers Institute - University of Colorado at Boulder

Speaker HackCon Plenary Abstracts 

Poster Session:

If you would like to present a poster during the "Wine and Cheese" reception immediately following this conference please submit your poster information here for evaluation.